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    Indesign CS5, minisaves and recovery - help!


      I was working on a bunch of Indesign documents yesterday, and was so used to Indesigns great auto-recovery features that I was taking a rather cavalier attitude to saving. 


      This morning I returned to prepare the (now-finished) files for print, and found that InDesign had crashed.  While InDesign recovered most of the files when re-launced, one (naturally the biggest file that had taken the most work) came up with a message saying "this file might be corrupt, do you want to continue autorecovery?".  It had shown this message a couple of times yesterday and recovered fine, but I fear I may have given the wrong response to this message this morning (either cancel or no).  Does this mean the file is lost forever? 


      When I open the only saved version of the important file, it's a super-old version.  There are a whole bunch of files in my Auto Recovery folder, but obviously I can't actually do anything with them directly.  When I look at the RecoveryData file, among the complex code stuff it lists a couple of other files I'd been working - but not the important one.  Is there any way to force InDesign to check the mini-saves, or force it to try recovering?  Or any other software that does this? 


      Or .. is my work lost FOREVER?  Help me Adobe-one-kenobi, you're my only hope.