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    Photo dimension more than 4000x4000 pixel

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      Hello , I have a question to the employees of the Pixel Bender Photoshop PlugIn . Is there a real chance for the near future  to make Pixel Bender Photoshop PlugIn able to work with filters on photos wich have more than 4000x4000 pixel-dimension . Most of the semiprofessional or professional DSLR today make photos with higher dimensions .

      I will buy the new Sony A65 - and there will be photos with the following dimensions :


      Still Image Size 16:9 :    L size: 6000 x 3376 (20M)M size: 4240 x 2400 (10M)S size: 3008 x1688 (5.1M)
      Still Image Size 3:2  :    L size: 6000 x 4000 (24M)M size: 4240 x 2832 (12M)S size: 3008 x 2000 (6M)


      I think that it can't be the solution for all users of such a modern DSLR to take photos only in 'S size' or reducing the image dimensions in Photoshop to max.4000pixel . I buyed me the Pixel Bender Filter 'PSKiss Edge Gear' for sharpen my photos (over the GPU from the graphic-card) but it works only on photos with max. 4000 pixel ( I tested this on photos with different dimensions ). I had Email-contact with an employee of PSKiss and he said that it is because of the restrictions from the Pixel Bender PlugIn to max. picture dimensions of 4000x4000 pixel.

      The hardware (CPU,GPU,RAM,VRAM) of todays computers has no problems to handle bigger photos in graphic-software like photoshop but I think too the

      'bottle-neck' for this problem are the dimension-restrictions  from the Pixel Bender Photoshop PlugIn. I would be great if you have a solution for this in near future.

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          The 4Kx4K limit in the Pixel Bender Photoshop CS4 plugin was added for a good reason--many drivers at the time reported the ability to handle 6Kx6K or even 8Kx8K textures but failed well under 4Kx4K--although it really pained us to add that limit. We reevaluated, and subsequently removed, the 4Kx4K limit in Photoshop CS5 and replaced it with a 128MB texture size limit. This would allow users to process many of the standard image sizes coming off the DSLR cameras of the day. We will reevaluate the 128MB limit for the next release of the Pixel Bender plugin although I can't say whether it will be removed--the decision will be based on the results of our testing. Which version of Photoshop are you using?

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            dynamo22222 Level 1

            Thank you for your prompt answer to my question. Your informations are very interesting and very helpful for me.I heard  here for the first time from the 128MB textur size limit and your right - this is a much more better solution than the 4000x4000 pixel limit for the most users. I just tryed to work with my 'PSKiss EdgeGear'-Pixel Bender Filter in Photoshop CS5 v.12.0.4x64 to big pictures of my friends Sony A850 (they have 6048x4032 pixel and are 45-65MB as 8-bit .Tif) and it works fine. From the internet I downloaded testfotos taken with the new Sony A77 (it has the same picture size as the Sony A65 I will buy - 6000x4000 pixel ). I converted the 24,6MB (*.arw)-Raw to 8-bit .Tif (68,6MB)

            and here also the EdgeGear-Filter works fine. Finally I can say - thank you for your work and this 128MB limit in Photoshop CS5. I can good live with it . OK - we cannot work on 16-bit .Tif  taken with a Sony A850/A900 or the new Sony A65/A77 because they have more than 128MB (about 166MB or 137MB) but because of your answer I'm hopefully waiting for the next release of your Pixel Bender Photoshop-PlugIn .Good luck for testing - and may the limits fall.