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    looking for a director consultant

      Hello there!

      I'm not sure if this is posted in the right place; if it's not, please don't flame me -- just let me know and I'll remove it.

      I am an academic, working with two colleagues to produce a DVD-Rom for the academic market (we have a publishing contract with a University Press). The project is basically a "chapter" format with forward/back controls and a main menu. It includes Quicktime video.

      I'm the person responsible for actually authoring the project in Macromedia Director, but I'm only an English professor, i.e. enthusiastic amateur! I've got the files mostly assembled, but I'm not confident of my ability to produce a fully professional title. We are looking for a consultant to help us out with these things:

      *** Working out how to implement a "bookmark this page" function.
      *** Work with me to understand what I need to be aware of while completing the files. This might include giving me advice on scripts to use for successful memory management, advice on what quicktime codecs to use, advice on any other scripts I should understand (e.g. how to change monitor res, preloading flash & video, quicktime detection etc.).
      *** Advice on how to pop up full-screen video, what Xtras I will need, where to get them etc.

      -- we are funding this through a university grant which expires on November 30th, so the work needs to be invoiced by then. We are also on a *very limited budget* by your standards - about $6000.

      If you think you can help, email me at burgess@vancouver.wsu.edu
      Thanks for your time.