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    Flash Player Renders Images Differently in Browser than Stand-alone Player

    Ardy15jan Level 1

      Hey, guys!


      Not sure if this is a Flash issue or a Flash Player issue, but here we go...


      I`m currently working on a Flash project with a great deal of images.

      Flash does a great job compressing images, but in some cases it messes up the colors.


      I have a big image on the background and it`s set to 80 compression from the Properties panel.

      Everything looks fine in the stand-alone Flash Player when exporting from the IDE or even opening from disc, but when I insert the SWF in a HTML page (with SWFObject, dunno if it matters) some werid artifacts show up, and also the colors get shifted to slightly different values (I can tell since I have a background that should match the SWFs background!)...


      There is a workaround, though. Setting compression to Lossless... Then everything looks EXACTLY the same both in the stand-alone player and in the browser. Just that you end up with a 900 kilo image instead of 200 and something... :|

      And if you have several images that have to be treated "Losslessly", you end up with a pretty big SWF!


      My other workaround was to sample the colors in the browser and modify the ones in my CSS for the HTML background.

      That works well for the colors, but I still end up with some ugly artifacts, even when compression is set to 100!


      And, again, the strange thing is that in the stand-alone player, everything is honkey dorey, the colors and all!


      NOTE: the project I`m working on is a Flash 10 file, ActionScript 2, if that would matter...


      Thank you for your time and I appreciate any suggestion/explanation!