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    Burning DVD's with premiere 10-- Not working


      I have recently purchased Adobe premier Elements 10 (upgraded from 7) i've been trying and trying to burn a DVD of my final Project a 30 mins project-initially tried to burn it directly from my project i was working on. i tried the new Hd dvd version and nothing happens. it looks that it tries but it doenst do anything- Then i tried to do a wide screan option on a regular DVD- this one looks like it tries to burn it  and i got message saying it was succesfully burned also i can see the marks on a dvd but when i put it in my DVD players Movie doenst play....it says "Unknow". so i went a head and rendered it and brought it down to my elements 7 and worked/burned just fine..... is anybody having the same issue with the burning process w 10 version. i have 7 GB RAM memory and a 1 GB video card as well as more than 500 GBs space in my HD.. Is anybody experiencing same issue??? i am really considering to get my $ back