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    Cooling, Power, Windows Ver

    Eliran S Level 1

      Hi all,


      Prior to my last post: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3977155#3977155

      I have purched the new CPU with the following specs:

      CPU: i7 2600k 3.4ghz

      MB: Asus p8z68v pro

      Graphics: Gigabyte 560ti OC

      Memory: Ripjaws-X 2*2*4gb 1600 mhz cl7-8-7-24

      OS HD: 500gb caviar black sata III

      Additionl HD: 4* 1t black sata III + 2t green sata III for media

      Power: Antec 900W High Current Gamer

      Case: Fractal Design Black Pearl XL

      DVD: Pioneer BDR + LG burner

      Cooling: Scythe grand kama cross cpu cooler sck 2000


      I had a problem fitting a more decent cooler then the above. The problem, as Harm stated there would be, was the extra space of the memory.

      Is this model a wise choice? should I go for water cooling instead?

      Second, does the antec gamer ver is suitable enough? I could purchase the 750w High Current Pro ver, but it would cost me an additional 36$.

      Third and last, are there any changes if I'll run windows 7 pro version or windows 7 ultimate version?


      Thanks & Regards,