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    automatic entry from one repeating subform to another


      I've got two subforms are repeating and they have the same number of repeats.  What i want to be able to do is autmatically enter a value from subform1.text1 to subform2.text1.  The trick is that each repeated subform has a new value and matching repeats in subform 1 and 2 need to have those same values.


      I've been playing with this bit of code to get it to work


      xfa.resolveNode("subform1[" + this.parent.index + "]").text1.rawValue = this.rawValue;


      Entry will always be made in subform 1 and that will need to be transfered to subform2.  I tried this code in the calculate event of subform1.text1, but no luck.


      Let me know what my options are.