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    Here's a problem I can't solve?

    Nohjekim Level 1



      I have this weird glitch that I haven't been able to solve.

      I'm prepared to live with it but I'm curious as to what's happening more then concerned about my video.


      Ok: I made an animated title that simply says "The End" in script, which appears to write itself on the screen.

      I did it in Photoshop but making a black layer, over the layer with the script on it, and the removed the black layer one frame at a time so that the type appeared.


      I've done this before, in fact I did the same thing on the lead in title with no problem.

      I've created the video file of the animation in both Virtual Dub and in Premiere Elements 10.


      Here is the problem....


      Ghost Image.JPG

      What you see on the screen is Premiere in the background and a window showing the same frame in the original artwork in the foreground.

      As you can see there is a ghost image of the complete word (End) showing in PE but not in the frame art.


      This ghost image does not show in the original AVI file made from these frames in VDub, the frames are all .JPG with no layers.

      It only shows when it's opened in PE, and only on this frame, No. 50 in the sequence. 


      I've gone through the original AVIs made both in VDub and PE frame by frame and it doesn't show. 


      I've exported the video from PE as a WMV, and a MPG file, once it's brought back into PE and added to the film the ghost reappears. 

      I've remade the file in VDup multiple times.


      To try and fix this I've opened this frame and the previous frame as well as the frame that comes after in Photoshop I selected the background and deleted with solid black as the background color.  I then re-saved the frames as .bmp files and remade the animation.


      I thought that this would get rid of the ghost for sure but it didn't.


      I have no idea what is causing this, it's not a huge problem, it only flashes on in this one frame but I'm kind of a perfectionist and I'd really like to know what's happening.  How can it have a ghost image of something that doesn't happen until 30 frames later?


      Any help greatly appreciated.



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          Nohjekim Level 1

          PS. There is no overlaping video, ony sound files.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            The timeline in your screen capture is not the timeline of the animation, is it? It would be helpful to see it.


            Otherwise, I'm not sure what's up. But if you can't see it in the final videos, it may be nothing to worry about.

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              Nohjekim Level 1

              Hi Steve


              I can see it in the final video, otherwise I wouldn't worry about it.

              And the image on the screen in PE9 does represent the one in the timeline.


              I tried to upload the video but by the time that the quality is reduced by the uploader you can't really see it.

              The ghost is a dark gray color not white so if you go through several compressions it disappears, but it's visible in the HD version.


              The site doesn't support  Photo Bucket so I can't insert the link anyway.


              Like I said, I can live with it, but I've done this before and never run into this.

              I have done just that frame over and it didn't make any difference.



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                If we can see a screen capture of your timeline, Mike, we can sometimes see what's going on. It might, for instance, be an opacity issue.

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                  Nohjekim Level 1

                  Hi again!


                  Well I think I solved it by accident.


                  I was just doing some final tweaking of the video, and I shortened a blank space between where Lucy stops talking and it fades to black before the end title starts by 1 second.


                  What this means is that, that frame no longer falls at the same point in the video time line.


                  When I did that the ghost image disappeared, I just output a 1600 by 900 version of the video and there is no ghost.


                  Weird I have no idea what was going on because I had had this happen when I opened the video in both PE9 and 10.

                  And I copied in at least 6 different versions of the end clip into that space in different formats, AVI and WMV.


                  Well alls well that end well, I guess.


                  Computers can drive you crazy!!!


                  Thanks for the support.