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    Merging two images


      I'm not sure how to quite explain what I'm trying to do. The best way is for me illustrate. Please visit the following URL:

      I have an image which should be the bottom image. I have a second image which I would like to place on top of the bottom image but I want it faded into the bottom image.

      Similar to the word Swift and the picture of the truck.

      Can anyone tell me how I can achieve this?
      Thank you for your help.
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          See my post below about creating backgrouns. The responses have good advice and take you to the tools you will need to do what you want. The help search is very effective. I downloaded Fireworks just last night and with the provided info below and a bit of time on the help pages, I was kicking it out in about 2 hours. A little trial and error on this program goes a long way. I love it!
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            fullfocus wrote:

            > I also have Paint Shop Pro 10 if needed.
            > Thank you for your help.

            Is there no Paint Shop Pro forum? :-)

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