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      I have just bought an iRiver Story HD which is listed as one supporting DRM. My problem is that when I've downloaded an ebook to the device and try to open it, I get this message: “A different Adobe ID has been authorized for use on the device. E_ADEPT_CORE_USER_NOT_ACTIVATED”.


      What does the message mean? It works to open the book in ADE application on my PC, so there's nothing wrong with my AdobeId or the ebook.


      The iRiver I bought was a demo ex so it could be that it has been authorized as demo. In that case, will the device be locked in this way so I can't authorize it with another Adobe Id?


      I should also mention that after I authorized the device the first time, I installed lastest firmware. Unfortunately I didn't test to open a DRM book before the upgrade. After that I have made factory reset, de-authorized and re-authorized several times.


      Does anybody know anything about this?


      Desperatly need help