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    End of the tabloop



      I have two containers- the inner container has a button and the outer container has several UIcomponents like text inputs (the outer container lying inside the inner one). Now I want to enable the enter key press enabled on the inner container when all the outer container components are traveresed.
      I initially thought to get the end of the tabloop of the focusManager associated with the outer container so that I can do something like this


      I am new to Flex but from what I have understood how focus managers work, I think that would enable the tabloop of the outer container. But I am not sure if there is any way at all to get the end of the tabloop of the focusmanager.
      Otherwise is there any way to switch between the focusmanagers of inner and outercontainer??
      Thanks a lot in advance.

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          I’m not completely sure I understand your setup, but containers in an application share a focusManager.  FocusEnabled is not intended to be used to control where focus goes, it is primarily used to shut off focusability on inner controls composited into larger controls, like the TextInput in ComboBox.


          There is a defaultButton property on FocusManager and Container that can be used to control what the Enter key does.

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            FlexMain Level 1

            I have three groups-  mainGroup,contentGroup,buttonGroup. Basically buttonGroup contains the button,contentGroup contains some controls like textinputs and so on, and both contentGroup and buttonGroup lies in mainGroup. Problem is I can tab access the contentGroup(outermost group) but can't tab access the buttonGroup components which is basically a button. Now I have different skin classes for each group so I cnt move my button to contentGroup.

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              Flex harUI Adobe Employee

              Do you have a small test case that exhibits the problem?