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    input text field

      Hi , im getting a flash form together for an estate agent and i've hit yet another problem. Kglad was kind enough to help me out last time with some A.S. for randomly selected checkboxes to appear in order. Now I've slightly modified the script to work with the form and it does but i've tried to add an input text field into to mix and the results are weird - i've managed to get the field to react to a checkbox so the 'random script' works but the dynamic txt field isnt displaying the txt that is entered into to the input field - it's displaying the original text before any is input eg: 'please input manual text here'
      Confused yet! Me too
      The modified code that Kglad supplied is at the bottom of this message:
      The text field var is 'manualtext1' and its set to the 27th checkbox.
      If any ones interested it can be viewed here: flash form

      Thanx in advance for any input.