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    server side include syntax


      This should be simple but I cannot figure it out. I use Dreamweaver to make multi-line global substitutions when maintaining a large online troubleshooting guide because RoboHelp cannot do this very well. And I need to use a separate file to allow or deny access to menus located within this file based on what user type accesses the help system.

      What is required syntax to use a simple server side include statement in the true code? I've tried the usual syntax of <!-- #include file="path/filename" --> (whose syntax works fine in Dreamweaver) but when RoboHelp opens the file, all heck breaks loose. Here the <h1> tag just before it loses its closing tag and as a result the included file does not work.

      So in Dreamweaver the two lines read:
      <!-- #include file="path/filename" -->

      And when opening this file in Robohelp the two lines are massaged to be:
      <h1>Title<!-- #include file="path/filename" -->

      What happened? Is this a bug?
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          See here for response. Duplicate post.
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            MAN I hate when folks cross post!

            SpaGeek, please do us all a favor and read the forum Posting Guidelines. Why, I've even provided a way cool and super handy link to click on. click here

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              Hate is a strong word to use and I don't believe that you really mean it. If you do, so us all a favor and get a *real* life.
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                Ah, jeez, another bomb-thrower!

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                Hmmm... Whose life is real, here?

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                  I am sorry for not following the rules. I admit I was wrong and I should not have cross posted.

                  Hate is a personal attack. I am reacting to this word, not the repremand. I am big enough to take the repremenad but are we not in the business of communicating? Use the right word. I believe that "irritated" may have been the better description of the feeling. Hate is not.

                  I don't roll over to the establishement and I demand respect. I am a 5-poster and he is a 2901. So what? Does that mean I don't deserve respect?
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                    LOL, geez SpaGeek, I'm not sure how you managed to infer that my use of "hate" here constituted a personal attack. It certainly wasn't. I said: "MAN I hate when folks cross post!". Do I hate you personally? I have no clue, as I've never met you. However, had that been the case, it would have seemed odd to have tried to help in the other thread you posted.

                    My intent with the statement stands as is and I feel no public apolgy to you is necessary. I actually *do* hate (now read this next part carefully, as you seemed to totally space it off when you saw it the first time) when folks cross post. I hate it for the reasons cited both here in this thread and in the posting guidelines.

                    Additionally, before you take issue with the other bit where I asked you to do us a favor and read the guidelines, it is something I advise almost anyone on a regular basis that jumps in with a few cross posts. It only makes sense. It's not aimed at anyone in particular and is not meant to be demeaning in any way. It's just like reading the guidebooks before driving. The intent is to assist you in having the best forum experience by learning some unwritten or obscure rules and outlining what is and is not tolerated.

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