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    Isn't there an onion skin feature in AE?

    sunny valence



      Sorry about the newbie question, but Google won't help me out here and I really need to know: isn't there an onion skin feature in After Effects? Like the one used in classic cellmation (if I, for instance, am watching frame 6, turning on the onion skin feature will allow me to see both frames 5 and 7 at a lower opacity) and that comes with Flash. I've recently started out with AE since using Flash gives me at least three brain hemmorages a day, and to be honest I just thought onion skinning is such a basic thing so I didn't even bother to check if came with AE... But I just realize that maybe it's not, only to animators.


      Well, now I can't seem to find it, some other forum posts mention that it doesn't really exist (why, adobe, why?), but I still wanna make sure it doesn't. Does it?