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    PSD Files being converted to quicktime


      Please help!  My PSD files are being converted to quicktime files & when I open them in Photoshop, they are blank.  How do I get my PSD files back?  I've tried searching for answers & nothing has worked (the files are 8 bit already).    I would really appreciate step by step answers.  Thank you!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You're not providing any sensible or meaningful info. You didn't even tell us what version of PS much less any system info. It's unlikely your files are converted, it sounds more like a file associations problem and documents opening blank could just be OpenGL issues, on which there is a gigazillion threads on this forum already. Update your graphics driver and untangle your messy file associations.



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            PrettyKitties Level 1

            Mylenium, thank you for your reply.  I am using PS5.  The files were saved as PSD files.  Now, without any action on my part, the files are associated with QuickTime & they open up as a single layer blank file in PS.  None of the rest of your post made any sense to me & I have no idea what "OpenGL issues" are.  A search of the forums revealed nothing helpful to me.  My graphics drivers are updated & my files are consistenly saved as PSD files.  If you could point me to another helpful thread, at least, that would be deeply appreciated.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              As far as I know, there's no way Photoshop could be causing that kind of behavior, unless you're actually saving files by choosing the wrong settings from the Save As dialog.  It sounds like you might possibly have malware on your system, but that's by no means a definitive diagnosis.


              Is this happening over time or right away?


              If you save a small file as a PSD, then immediately try to open it again in Photoshop, what happens?


              Can you please do a screen capture just as you're about to save a file as a PSD and post the screen image here?



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                PrettyKitties Level 1



                Thank you Noel:  The changes have happened over time, not when I first save the files.  I was working on a project with mutlitple files and then took a break.  Now, all my PSD files open up blank.  I tried your suggestion & created a new PSD file & saved it.  It reopened without any problems & above is a cature of the screen when I used save as.  Below is a capture of how my files are appearing when I try to open a new file.



                Below is a shot of how one of the problematic files look when I try the save as (this originally was a multi-layered file).





                If you need any more information, please let me know & thank you very much.

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  I think there may be two separate issues here.


                  1.  Somehow QuickTime has registered to be the "Open" handler for PSD files.


                  2.  Something has caused the loss of data from the PSD files stored on your hard drive, because no matter what application is associated with a file, if you File - Open it from within Photoshop and it's a valid file it should just open.  This is borne out by the file you saved and re-opened successfully.


                  Honestly, I don't know QuickTime very well, so I don't know why it should want to become the Open handler for PSD files - perhaps it's so it can show you a slide show or something.  I suspect that you, during install or some configuration operation, have told it to do so, as this doesn't appear to be its default behavior (it hasn't taken over PSD file Open for me).  Personally in my opinion I regard Apple software on a PC as about a step and a half above malware.  Apple certainly has no incentive to make your PC run well.


                  But the more pertinent issue is why anything should change the content of your PSD files so that they open up blank.  I'm at a complete loss to explain that.  Even disk corruption wouldn't explain the replacement of files with blank content.  Has your antivirus software reported anything out of the ordinary?


                  By the way, the Windows default is to hide the file extensions, but I find it helpful to have Windows show file extensions, especially in cases where something is amiss.  Do this through Explorer's Folder Options dialog.



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                    PrettyKitties Level 1

                    Thank you Noel ... I am just sick at the possible loss of data.  The strange thing is that the properties show that the files seem to have data attached because they have a size.   I run my malware regularly & have MacAfee installed.  I have no idea why the files would open blank in PS...  I'm also worried about how I prevent this in the future.  I don't know if the problem is that I am using an external disk, but I don't have room on my computer for large files. I do back up my files, but my backups have the same problem.  I deeply appreciate your help.


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                      Curt Y Level 7

                      If you go into Bridge and click on edit/preferences/file type associations then drill down to PSD what is the defalult application?  If not CS5 change.

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                        Noel Carboni Level 8

                        800 kbytes isn't really typical of a PSD file, unless it's an image with an awfully small pixel count.  What size, in H x V pixels, would you guess that image should have been?


                        I really hope you have a backup somewhere of your image data.


                        Before you use that computer for anything else you really need to get to the bottom of these issues - or wipe it clean and install Windows afresh.  You have to be able to trust your system not to wipe out your saved files.



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                          PrettyKitties Level 1

                          Thank you for your help Curt & Noel, I really appreciate it.