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    PPro CS5 not talking to NVidia Quadro 4000...


      Apologies in advance if this has been covered a million times on here (and feel free to point me to a thread), but...I have a new Mac setup, Adobe PPro CS5, and the NVidia Quadro 4000 card with MPE/Cuda. And PPro is not using the GPU.


      I do have the latest drivers (for the card and for CUDA). The card was installed a month ago and I grabbed the drivers at that time.


      Recently I worked on a simple 7-minute non-HD video, with no effects and minimal editing...and the publish time was 7 minutes or so.


      I was expecting faster. And while it was publishing, my computer's CPU gauge said it was running at around 90%. I made sure the PPro project setting pointed towards the card GPU.Obviously the MPE and/or CUDA is not kicking in.


      I have spoken to PNY (where I bought the Nvidia card) and they said if I have the latest drivers and could actually see something on my screens, then the card is working and...you know...it must be a problem with the PPro aoftware.


      Oh, the Mac is a 2010 model, 8-core with a ton of RAM on it.