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    Data Merge


      i am doing a data merge (not my first one) and i am getting what appears to be overflow text showing up in the wrong data fields. there are only 15 rows in my CSV document however when i do the merge it turns out to be a 75 page document. i think there is a problem with the spreadsheet however i do not even know where to begin. there are no hard returns or crazy spacing going on. there are just random bits and pieces showing up in random fields, and some fields are not even coming though, any ideas? I'm using indesign CS5 on a MAC

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Divide and conquer. Make a copy of the spreadsheet/CSV.


          Delete half the rows. See if you find the problem. If not it's in the other half. Divide. Lather rinse repeat.

          Narrow it to a row. Then narrow it to a column. Then inspect.

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            bweber149 Level 1

            i have tried this with no avail. i deleted all the rows except one and ran the merge, it turned out to be a 17 page document with the same overflow, incorrect data problems. i have done this with 2 separate rows, maybe i need to narrow it down even more.