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    Feature Requests (Date/Time & Text)


      I would like to propose a couple of feature requests.  I do not see these listed anywhere, but apologies if I missed.


      For the Date/Time field if it would be possible to have an option to select times, could be two drop downs on the same line, one with hours 1-12 and minutes in 5 minute increments.  My current form I manually created this, but it is on separate lines and creates some confusion.  On the back end I had to create a new column to calculate (merge and format the numbers to represent a time..i.e. 12:15 p.m.) 


      Also, whether it is possible to have a basic text editor for text fields, much like what is seen when posting to the forum would be adequate.  We currently use the Adobe Forms for submitting newsletter content from various external people and this is the most requested feature.