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    Merging videos with Quicktime VR and Hotspots........  no idea!!!


      Hi Everyone.

      First off i really have no experience with flash yet but through a bit of research i've found that i'll have to learn it to build this solution.  The challenge is to build an interface that allows me to merge live footage i've taken of walking around a house with quicktime VR 360 panoramic images and then use 'hotspots' to be able to then go from the VR image to a certain area of the building, giving the user a live 'interactive' way of touring this house.


      So for example.  You would see the first video when you open the page, say walking down the driveway and into the lobby, the camera would then stop where i've taken the 360 panoramic and merge into it, letting the viewer look around the room as is the norm with the Quicktime VRs.  But then inside this VR there has to be hotspot areas over different sections, say 'Lounge' over the door to the lounge.  When you click this the VR will fade into the video of the lounge i've taken from that sport and move onwards.  Some kind of basic menu to skip to the different sections of the house is also going to be needed but just figuring out the basics first is all i need, namely getting the videos and VR's merging with hotspots.


      I really hope that all made sense!  I've seen it done before and it was built with flash...  i just have no idea where to start really.  Any advice on where to begin and how easy/possible this would be is much appreciated!!