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    Interactive page links not working in Google viewer

    janepell Level 1



      I created a PDF from InDesign and wanted to embed jumps from page to page.


      Specifically, they're arrows with text that the viewer can click on to jump from

      page to page.


      I tested them in Acrobat Reader and they work. I test emailed myself the PDF

      to my gmail account. When I clicked on the PDF to View it, it opened Google's

      PDF viewer.


      All well and good except that those page jumps don't work.


      I have 2 other hyperlinks in the PDF. One is a link to a Google map (Works fine).

      The other is a link to email me.


      Again, testing the PDF in Acrobat the email link works. I typed in "mailto:blahblah" in

      the URL field.


      But in Google docs, that link isn't working.


      My fear is that many people will in fact use the Google docs to view the PDF. Is there a way

      to fix this? Am I better off doing this interactivity in Acrobat Pro instead of InD?