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    navigating dates in flex mobile with mysql and php


      I have a flex mobile php app thats basically for daily devotionals. the mysql database has a column for the month and a column for the day and a column for the devo.(Theres more than that but they dont apply to my question) In my app I use a list that displays the month(PHP databinding) to start with. From this view I push the data (list.selectedItem) to the next view which is a list of the days(Seperate PHP query attached with databinding).


      My problem is that the days list shows the days from all the months instead of only for the month i selected.

      I think my problem lies in the actual php class(i think this is the same as a query) **Did I meantion i'm a php and a flex noob?


      How do I pass a variable into the php class based on the month i selected?

      Do I need a seperate class for each month? (i hope not)

      Is there something i'm not passing to the next view properly?

      Do i need to set up my database differently?


      I can make my source available if anyone can help me..


      Thanks for any help