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    Placing PDFs into InDesign (CS5) - off-centre??


      Hi! Can anyone help me? I'm placing PDFs of docs into InDesign (for a style guide showing examples of docs) and everytime I place the pdfs (using shortcut CMD [D] or the drop down menu option) it seems to export the pdf slightly off centre. Does anyone know how to fix this?? I've quadruple checked my original doc settings (InDesign docs as well) and that I've exported it to PDF correctly and centred and all looks fine. I've tried exporting the original doc to PDF using the bleed settings AND not using the bleed settings but all with the same result. The resulting PDF seems to export into my InDesign style guide slightly off centre.


      I've also tried placing the PDF into no already-created bounding box AND into a bounding box set to the size I want. In each case, I end up having to shift/re-size the placed PDF so that it isn't off-centre OR a bit too en-larged (ie, not showing the borders I have given it which are well within the page margins as well as bleed settings). I'm totally baffled as to what is going on!?


      Is there a funtion which perhaps places PDFS and other images at more or less than 100%? I'm thinking this might have something to do with it but don't know if there is such a function or, if there is, where to find it. Any help will be most appreciated!

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you're talking about. You say the PDF is off center...off center of what? The page? The screen? When printed?


          How are you determining this? By eye? By measurement?


          We need more details and a few screenshots wouldn't hurt, either.



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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            You probably need to show import options and choose a more appropriate crop option than the one you are using, but that's pretty hard to tell without seeing the document the PDF and the result of what you are doing.

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              erinkitch Level 1

              Hi! Thanks so much for the replies. Ok, here are two screenshots of what is happening. Both sceenshots screenshot are of a PDF, which has been created from a InDesign doc by exporting it to PDF. I then place the PDF into a second InDesign doc (my style guide) and each screenshot is of that style guide with the PDF placed into it.


              This first screenshot - this one is not off centre (will explain that detail in a bit with the second screenshot) but seems to ignore the margins which the PDF and it's original InDesign doc both have. See how the black edge is RIGHT up next to the logo and bottom text? The black edge I've just put in here to show where the edge of the bounding box is but hopefully this explains it better than I can. The orginal InDesign doc (from which this placed PDF was exported from) actually has a bleed of 5mm and a margin of 5mm as well. The PDF I create from that InDesign seems to keep those settings and has a margin plus extra space which I'm assuming is the bleed (even when I don't choose 'Use document bleed settings' when exporting to PDF). When I place the PDF into this second InDesign (style guide) doc though, the bleed AND the margin seem to get ignored and it places it with the logo butting right up to the boudning box and the bottom text right on thr edge too. I then have to reduce the image mannually (within the bounding box) to create the illusion of a margin. Sounds simple but it's not that accurate and is a bit laborious when EVERY placed PDF is doing this! I have exported the original InDesign doc to PDF using document bleed settings and not using document bleed settings but neither seem to make a difference either to the dimensions of the pdf, nor in showing the margin it actually has, when placed here in this new InDesign doc.


              I hope I'm making more sense this time!


              All of this is just on the computer, on screen. No printing has been done yet. The images being placed will all be like this - thumbnail-esque images of templates and internal docs etc.


              The off-centre issue - is the second screenshot. Same process as previous screenshot showed - ie I had an original InDesign doc, I created a PDF from it by exporting to PDF (same margins and bleed settings), then placed that PDF into the second InDesign doc (style guide) and this is a screenshot of that final placement. I've put a black border on the placed image so you can see the edge of the bounding box. As far as I can, the placed image is not showing the margin settings (again, it should have a space around the edge and above the logo etc equivilant to the original 5mm margin). It IS ignoring the 5mm bleed...but only on the right hand side! On the left hand side it seems to have added the 5mm bleed so it makes it look off centre. Does that make sense now?? I hope so!


              Both of these original InDesign docs (the ones I've created the PDFs from) are two page InDesign docs each, and neither are using facing pages settings. I can't think what else might be affecting these in this way...


              Screenshot 1 - no margin.jpg


              Screenshot  - off centre.jpg

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                erinkitch Level 1

                Aargh! After all that, it's fixed!!


                This repy from Peter solved it!


                You probably need to show import options and choose a more appropriate crop option than the one you are using, but that's pretty hard to tell without seeing the document the PDF and the result of what you are doing.


                I figured out where Import Options was (menu option whilst choosing which file to place) and then picked "trim" and it worked!! Thank you so much. Sorry to be such a noob about it:) I would delete this question but....there might be other noobs about there who can benefit from my journey of confusion.


                Thanks so much to both of you!