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    AFTER EFFECTS CS4 Rendering Problems....


      Hey people I have been having some rendering problems on CS4 It's very random when i'm getting these errors, sometimes it's just for the one frame..which i'm not bothered about because at 60fps, 1 frame isn't going to be noticable. But at the end of my last render, the last 10 frames are like this, but differ between pink and white at the top. (see picture at the bottom)


      Here are my settings



      lossless, with audio checked

      avi output format

      no compression method



      Also i've re-rendered the dodgy footage in sony vegas but that didn't change anything




      that is what the frame looks like....


      If anyone can help me id be so thankful.... so please post!!!


      also if you have any questions just post and i will get back to you ASAP