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    ottenkarel Community Member

      While trying to create visually stunning websites, i've been using sheets and mastersheets to build up the site..

      while going thru the exchange i noticed a website or animation called solar system.

      This solar system uses a timeline instead of sheets to house the different pages of the site,  Allowing the site to not only be more versatile in the sense of transitions, but also faster in loading.


      Now im trying to recreate this method, but i cant seem to get it right..

      Is there anyone amongst u who knows how to achieve this full timeline navigation, and is willing to share this knowhow with me?

      Or can someone point me in the right direction?


      What im trying to achieve is as follows:

      I want a number of pages all accesible by buttons,

      the pages must be hidden in a timeline untill a button is clicked with the event gototime, which will then change the appearance of the site (background and content)


      Any help welcome

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          chatapoung Community Member

          I ain't got much time to figure it out, thus i won't be able to help you much in the understanding of how it is done. But i recommand to show only animated objects in the timeline and check independant timelines individually. Actually, there are many "undertimelines", that are checkboxed as independant timelines in a large tree of labels and key points, played via button events.


          "Infant timelines" (such as planets rotations) are housed in individual layers and are ruled by "Parent timelines" (such as "Content Group"). Then, the buttons, images and others are hotspots that start and stop "undertimelines".


          See the screenshot for further ideas about how it can be done. Don't forget to activate the right timeline to see how it works, ant then check out the "buttons" and see how they are used as switches to the independant timelines actions. Everything seems to start with the "Sun Location" group and the "Content Group" timeline (if you do not activate this timeline, you cannot navigate and see animations through the timeline).


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            OliviaSalina Community Member

            I will not answer to your question, but I would like to suggest you to go forward because Project ROME will give you inspiration for something new and unexpected letting you forget everything else. Experiment and find your new animations. Have fun.