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    Need help: input text



      I would like to design an application that allows me to do:

      1- write a website link in an input text

      2- click on a button, so the link is saved into a an variable

      3- by using geturl, the application opens the website in a new window


      I tried this:

      on (release) {
           ch= _root.da;
           getURL(ch, "_blank");
      // "da" the name of the input text


      by using this, when I click on this movieclip, firefox is opened in my homepage, not the written website of the input text.

      pleaze help.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If da is the instance name of the textfield, then you need to target its text property...   ch= _root.da.text;


          You should learn to not place code on objects and use timeline code instead.  If you give your button an instance name (btn), then in the timeline you would use:


          btn.onRelease = function(){

               ch= _root.da.text;

               getURL(ch, "_blank");



          Note: The _root reference is not needed if you are coding in the main timeline