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    Please Require Assistance

    Joners Level 1

      Hi everyone, Im still here waiting for someone to help me out. Im really desperate, keeping my job depends on getting this right.


      My main web page is here www.domesticcontractprofessionals.ca to give you an idea of what Im asking help for.


      ...In the header file there are several pics. Beside the pics there are scroll over buttons. Id like the first button, that says domestic contract, open when the page loads. Thats all, I just need to to be open until someone scrolls over the other.


      Thanks so much for whoever helps me out here. You have no idea how grateful I am.


      File can be found here...




      Im a beginner so please walk me through this one if you can. Much appreciated.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Part of your problem with your posting is that you are asking someone to download a file to help you.  Most people that help here will not download files for a variety of good reasons. If you want a better shot at getting help, present the code and details involved with your problem in your posting.  Part of your problem with your posting is that you are asking someone to do your work for you - if this is part of your job, this is something you need to learn,... otherwise hire someone to do it or to teach you.  Part of your problem with your posting is that it is one of several across various forums here which is viewed more as a nuisance than anything else.

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            Joners Level 1

            I understand. Im just all out of options. Im not a designer. My job does not pertain to designing websites but rather I need to solicit clients to keeo my job. I understand html just not flash. Its something so simple that I want done but I just cant figure it out. If you could teach me it would be much appreciated. Ill throw some money your way through paypal. I have no problem with that.