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    Loading fonts from application storage




      I've ran into an issue with loading fonts at runtime from SWF files, within the users application storage directory, though this problem doesn't exist if the SWF file exists within the application directory.


      When we load the SWF and call:


      var fntClass : Class = ApplicationDomain((e.target as LoaderInfo).applicationDomain).getDefinition('TestFont') as Class;


      the application can find the font (if we trae fntClass it outputs the right now), but when we try and register this Font with our application using:


      Font.registerFont( fntClass );


      it fails and we get a:


      ArgumentError: Error #1508: The value specified for argument font is invalid.

                at flash.text::Font$/registerFont()


      This isn't right, because when we try and access the fntClass.fontName, it returns the correct information and then when we move the SWF to the application directory, it works properly.


      It's a bit frustrating, because within the documentation, we're advised to not use the application directory for storage, as it's read only on some systems.


      Any advise or news on when a fix will be made would be appreciated.