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    AMT subsystem failure—The licensing subsystem has failed catastrophically—HELP PLEASE!




      I'm using CS3.  First I was using it on XP.  Got my new computer and have been using it on Windows 7 pro for 6 months now with no problems.  Yesterday my Java updated, and now CS3 suite does not work. 


      1st, I got the:  "Licensing for this product has stopped working—You cannot use this product at this time. YOU MUST REPAIR THE PROBLEM BY UNINSTALLING  and then reinstalling this product or by contacting your IT administrator or Adobe customer support for help."  message. 


      Since it said to REINSTALL, that's what I did.  Only it would not install. 


      Adobe customer service is a joke.  They with their non USA thick accents could not offer any help.  They seemed stupid around this issue.


      Then I did a system restore thinking I can go back to "things" before all the drama started. 


      Instead of fixing things, I got other message:  "AMT subsystem failure—The licensing subsystem has failed catastrophically.  You must reinstall or call customer support." 


      Again, tried to reinstall, and still will not allow me to install.