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    Add several photo's to one page


      Hello everyone,


      I've got small question considering site design.


      My site : http://www.schermerdressage.com/homepage.php


      What I want to do is the following, when you click on 'http://www.schermerdressage.com/referenties.php', and then click on the 2nd or 3rd horse for example, you can (currently) only see one picture on those pages. I know that I can add several pictures on the same page, by putting them under each other.


      I'd like to add several pictures, and that you can easily click from one picture to the other one. For example, that there appears a small 'next' button in the picture, and that I can click on it to go to the next picture, without having to scroll, but just by clicking on the picture.


      Would anyone be able to tell me how I can do this? I'm working with Contribute CS5 by the way, on a Mac.


      Thank you