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    Preimere Elements 10 - Organizer "Import to Elements Organizer" Not Working...

    PhilSArdoin Level 1

      APE v10

      Windows 7

      No Keyword Tags are added.

      No star ratings are added.

      Nothing has been manually added that is used to filter files from view.


      1. Import .mts files to organizer, all files import fine.

      2. Next time you open the folder (after closing Organizer and reopening) most of the time, not all videos show up now. 

           Try to reimport.  Nothing new is added.

                (Yes, I can confirm ther are 10 files, but only 3 are imported.)

      3. Clicking the "Show All" button has no affect.

      4. Renaming the folder in Windows Explorer, then Open Organizer, all videos are reimported.


      The "Import to Elements Organizer" doesn't refresh files that don't show up in the view.