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    Bind two datagrid conrols.  As in selection in dg1 determines the data that shows in dg2

    xandout Level 1

      I am working on a back office app for my company and I have been playing with WaveMaker and Flash Builder.


      In WM I can have dg2 show data dependant on dg1 like I select a customer in dg1 the dg2 displays all devices that customer has registered to them.

       << This is my wavemaker version on amazon EC2 (no domain name)  log in as limit pw:limit


      the code that FB4.5 has auto generated is as follows







      so that you are fair warned.  I only installed FB4.5 like two days ago.  I have very little experience with PHP/JS/AS.  I am not asking for you to do it for me but some agnostic code would be great


      Thanks all.