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    pdf files are locking up mac repeatedly, having to reboot - Please Help


      I've been using a website (not mine) where the user enters info into a form, and it generates a single page report that pops up a download dialogue box on your computer that says:


      “bh_main-53.cfm” may be an application. It was downloaded from the Internet and will be opened by Adobe Reader. Are you sure you want to open it?"


      Smaller text notes that firefox has already downloaded the file.  When you say Open, it automatically launches Adobe Reader and displays the file.  From that point it can be saved as a pdf.  I've been using the macintosh Preview.app with the resulting documents also - Preview can open both pdf and cfm files.  Oddly enough, Adobe Reader (AR) can't open cfm files, and yet it is automatically called and displays these files.


      The problem is that it seems that working with these files either in AR or Preview frequently locks my entire computer up.  Typically the screen just freezes, while the cursor can still be moved around.  Sometimes I get the spinning wheel, but sometimes not.  Computer won't take any input from cursor or keyboard, waiting doesn't help, and I wind up having to use power key to do a hard shutdown.


      What is going wrong here, and how can I fix it?