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    Do you have any html5 web app examples (not using javascript)?

    kateharp Level 1

      Do you have an html5 web app that only uses html5 and CSS?  (and NOT javascript).  I'd just like to see what other people are making because I don't understand how you could make an interactive webapp without using javascript (and I don't want to learn javascript).  I'd like to see what a web app looks like.

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          JJ Hutchinson Level 1

          HTML on it's own can't do anything smart. You need JavaScript to know when someone has interacted with the page. For example, clicked on an image, or entered text into a form field. You're going to need to know JavaScript in order to create any kind of apps with HTML 5 and CSS. If you want any interactive things such as geolocation etc it requires JavaScript. It's not hard to learn. I would suggest learning a library like JQuery. It uses CSS ids to allow you to select elements and regions on a page so as you can manipulate them. It's based on JavaScript, but a bit easier to learn. It's easy to add things like loops and chain functions it looks very CSS like so if you come from a design background it might be better for you to learn. You simply download JQuery from the http://jquery.com and store it in a folder with the site and then do a link to it. It's straight forward.