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    Wierd file placing problem


      Hey guys, I come to you in dire need for help with this odd problem.


      What I am trying to do is to place a few files in indesign and layer them atop of each other, these files are pdfs printed from Rhino3d ( a 3d modeling program like autocad ) they have a bunch of curves, lines and fills but when I right click, properties, it says its only 3.3mb.


      I try to place it into indesign, and I have been waiting for 45 minutes and it still hasn't placed. I tired to check if it was frozen, so I clicked the cancel button and it cancelled immediately.  The pdf has been optimized, saved small, and distilled. Is there anything that I can do to get this file into indesign, hopefully quicker than waiting almost an hour!? What's causing it to take this long?



      other notes:

      the file is 32"x55"

      files is 3.5mb

      it has over 30,000 curves + lines

      it has alot of white fill hatches

      it only has 4 colors (black, white, grey, dark grey)

      it is a 2d line drawing that is printed via acrobat using the printer from rhino


      added in edit:

      the percent bar doesnt go up, it hovers at ~30%

      my computer has 6gb ram, intel quad core 2.0.




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          Scott Falkner Level 5

          Do you know if the PDF was exported as vectors or a raster? It may be that the program exported a sper complex vector that is hanging InDesign. If you can open the PDF in Acrobat try exporting as a TIF or PSD at a resoltion that is optimized your your output (in the neighbourhood of 250–300 ppi, after scaling).

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            infection302 Level 1

            Ah yes, the file is exported as a vector. I will give your reccomendations a try (as well as printing as a raster from Rhino3d).

            I am just scared of two things, 1 being file quality, and 2 being that the last time I tried to save my pdf as a TIF (simillar problem hanging up indesign) it created a 1gb file . But I did create the TI using photoshop.

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              rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Have you tried setting the Display Performance to Fast Display before placing the PDF? The display will be a gray box but you should be able to print. The problem may be rendering the display proxy from such a complex file.

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                infection302 Level 1

                I think that I have figured out the culprite. The way that the program creates a solid fill is throught a complex series of polygons. I printed my solid fills as a raster and the rest as a vector and it worked out great, I just had to layer them in Indesign. Hopefully it will print okay, but it should since the rest of the file is vector besides some colours.

                Thanks for the help!

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