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    [JS] Move Page position in CS3/CS4? (like CS5's page.transform)

    Dan Rodney Adobe Community Professional

      When resizing a document, by default InDesign uses a center reference point. In CS5 and later I know I can use page.transform to move the page's position to where I want it (the art does not move, the page underneath the art). Is there anyway to do the equivalent in CS3 and/or CS4?


      To say it in other words, after resizing the document's width, the art is not in the right place on the smaller page width. Is there an easy way to position/move the page under the art, or must I move all the art over on the page? If I must move all the art, is there an easy way to do that considering there may be many layers, locked objects/layers?


      I hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance,