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    creating ToC for epub export in CS5.5


      I am using CS5.5 to create my ebooks. When I submitted my first ebook to lulu for global distribution I was informed that the copyright page and title page also need to be included in the ToC.

      Now I am not only using the ToC as a dropdown menu but also a page in my ebook, following the copyright page. when I tried to apply the ToC style to the copyright page and then export it to epub it came up with an error message: The file was exported but one or more problems were detected: TOC : 1 skipped (TOC entry has incorrect nesting level)


      Furthermore I would like to know how to use ToC when one does not want to use the word 'copyright page' or 'title page' in the text of the book for it then to show up in the ToC with this wording. In other words is there a way to determine the wording that will appear in the ToC.


      thanks in advance

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          wjnp2000 Level 2



          I suppose that I found one solution:

          1.  try fixing possible corruption by exporting an IDML file:




          2. On Table of Contents Style, verify if the style that "skipped" is coming on the first (I don't konw why, just worked).

          On my works this "style" skipped on first pages but text on the end of the file of this style, comes right.


          3. You gonna try create another style and insert on Table of Contents Style and apply on the text with old style, but not always works.



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            Software Maniac

            I think I know what is wrong.


            You have a heading that was captured for TOC production (like a heading level 2) and there was no preceding heading level 1. This is just a warning, but that is the issue.

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              But, what is the solution. I need all the ToC entries.

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                I have the same problem. Did you find a solution? On the ePub navigational contents I want to have, for example,


                copyright <ct>

                dedication <ct>

                Introduction <ct>

                +Part I <pt>

                +Part II <pt>

                notes <ct>

                bibliography <ct>


                where clicking on the plus signs open to:


                copyright <ct>

                dedication <ct>

                Introduction <ct>

                +Part I <pt>

                     1.   Chapter One Title <ct>

                           Chapter One Subtitle <cst>

                           Chapter One Author <ca>

                     2.   Chapter Two Title <ct>

                           Chapter Two Subtitle <cst>

                           Chapter Two Author <ca>

                +Part II <pt>

                     more chapters

                notes <ct>

                bibliography <ct>


                All of the above have paragraph styles (pt, ct, cst, ca--for part title, chapter title, chapter subtitle, and chapter author).  I've put those paragraph style following the entries. I can get various combinations by varying the levels in the table of contents style, but I can't get what I want. Any thoughts?

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                  Hey, Suzei - the best thing I could suggest is to temporarily remove parts of your document until it works and slowly build it back up until the problem occurs.

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                    Alex_Gibson Level 1

                    The answer is to edit the Table of Contents Styles (Layout > Table of Contents Styles) in the Style Source document.

                    Have you checked that all your levels are correct - i.e. in SuzieQ's case - do all your chapters have subtitles? If not they will be skipped on those chapters and you will get this error.


                    As for showing wording in the TOC that doesn't appear on the page - use a hidden layer, put the text on that layer and make sure 'Include Text on Hidden Layers' is ticked in the Table of Contents Styles dialogue box.


                    Hope that helps.

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                      Software Maniac Level 1

                      Can we start over and explain the problem? I'm probably a little slow - but I'm not sure what the issues are. My first impression was that you've defined a heading hierarchy and for some reason the Export for EPUB command in your InDesign book fails because of an error due to an "incorrect nesting level." If that is the correct interpretation of a serious problem, I've seen it.


                      1. Most likely, if you have documents using the following paragraph styles: CT (Chapter Title), H1 (Heading 1), and H2 (Heading 2), that there's a jump from CT to H2 without a H1 between them. A hierarchy of TOC paragraph styles that will be gathered during the Export is defined in one of the TOC Layout styles that you've setup as mentioned by Mr. Alex. This could easily take place due to a blank line with an applied heading style (like H2) that you may not even know about. You might also have some additional headings that are not in the proper hierarchy in overtext areas that aren't currently visible when you build your book.


                      You can define multiple TOC Layout styles in InDesign - you don't even have to build and place them on a page either! When you Export to EPUB, you select the TOC Layout style desired and the export process will assemble it for your EPUB.


                      BTW, there's no mention of which export method you're using, because there's also the Amazon Kindle Export plug-in (KPI). I hope this rambling makes sense... I wrote and published a book that covers this called "InDesign to Kindle", http://www.leadingswmaniacs.com/resources_ebooks_dtp_ebik.html, but there are a bunch of other great book on this very subject: Liz Castro, and others.


                      Don't worry or be discouraged! This isn't easy stuff. The one thing I wouldn't recommend is going into the XML or IDML (or CSS) and start hand-editing the exported results. That defeats the purpose of designing your documents for eBook production to begin with! Sometimes, you need to tear down your book when errors are encountered, and build it back up till you uncover the culprit.



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                        I had the same trouble, and found that in my Front Matter, I only was using Level 2 paragraph styles, an no Level 1. So I made the title of the book a Level 1, and the other Level 2 TOC entries are now working fine. No errors anymore.


                        On another note, the TOC wouldn't paginate. So I created a paragraph header at the tail end of the previous section, called it "Table of Contents" and assigned it to a paragraph style with a Level 2 TOC style (which has page breaks for epub.) Then in the TOC style, I deleted the "Table of Contents" header and the problem solved.