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    Working Space color error

    Ron Lanham Level 1

      For the last day I've had ID display an error message when I open any file.


      This is the error message I get…   




      I have __never__ used sRGB for any print work (I use Adobe RGB (1998))… so I don't see how this can be happening.


      I have triple checked all of my color settings and not Bridge, ID, Photoshop, Illustrator… nothing is set for sRGB that is related to printing.


      Also none of my image files are tagged with an sRGB profile.


      So why am I getting that error message?


      I did a test and changed my ID Working Space to sRGB...


      ID menubar > Edit > Color Settings > Working Spaces: sRGB


      …and then all of my files opened without an error message.


      I thought it might be a corrupt 'csf' file (i.e. saved settings color file) so I reset each Working Space menu individually… restarted ID… but still have the same problem.


      Any suggestions on what might be causing this would be greatly appreciated.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          The error message refers to the assigned color space of the document, not the profiles of the individual images. Working spaces travel with the file, so if you started out using the defaults, you probably were using the North America General Purpose color settings, which use sRGB and SWOP2 coated, and turn off all those warnings (or you are opeing files from someone else and they used sRGB as a working space), and you have since changed your default color settings to something a bit more useful to a professional.


          I generally leave these docs as-is to avoid unexpected color shifts or rich black type from converting CMYK (not the problem here) and unless you are outputting to RGB that space is essentially irrelevant, and again, I think it's better to do conversion at output if necessary.

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            Ron Lanham Level 1

            I never use the sRGB defaults... but I did notice when this happened that when I opened up Bridge to see what the setting was it was set at the defaults (i.e. sRGB)... as if it had lost the link to the csf file.


            But what is confusing me is I thought that after correctly setting Bridge back to my regular settings, and double checking that ID reflected that setting, that my files would no longer give me the error warnings.


            However... the only way I've been able to get rid of the error messages is to (per file) open > Edit > Convert to profile and close the file.


            Then the next time I open them I don't have to wonder what's going on (i.e. no error message appears).


            Why isn't the correction applied globally via Bridge since it appears to have been applied globally by mistake (i.e. bad csf link)?


            Thanks for the response Peter.


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              Ron Lanham Level 1



              I've stopped having to convert files individually.


              Now all of my files are opening fine without any errors.


              It's like there was a considerable lag time before the correct color setting was applied globally.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Recheck the color settings... You may simply not be getting the warnings because your current settings have them disabled. In any case, the warning will only appear for files that actually have a different working space, so if the change was only for a short period, you might not have a lot of files that would affected.


                There is a significant difference, too, betweenn CONVERTING to a different working space and ASSIGNING a differnt working space. Conversion attempts to preserve color appearance at the expense of changing the numbers for native objects, which can result in unwanted rich blacks. Assignment preserves the numbers, but may show color shifting.

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                  Ron Lanham Level 1

                  Thanks Peter.


                  It definitely appeared to be an anomaly.


                  I too had thought that perhaps it was just a few that had been incorrectly changed... but I had opened a large number of them before posting and everyone of them displayed the error message.


                  Strange... but I'm glad it seems to be fine now.