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    How to insert pictures without effecting the audio 1 and sound track


      I am new to Premiere elements 10 and I am having trouble when I am moving clips such as pictures into the middle of the timeline between video clips.


      When I move a picture directly to the middle of the time line it clips and separates the music I have on the soundtrack.   I found through Lynda.com and Adobe Help that if you hold down the "alt" key while inserting the new picture you will not effect the soundtrack or other tracks.   This issue I have with the alt key is now the rest of the clips in the timeline have the audio 1 track and the video 1 track offset by the duration of the picture that was inserted.  My project is over an hour long so its hard to go back and straighten this out.

      What is the best way to handle this???



      Adding extra video clips into the middle of the project works great with the alt key because the video 1 and audio 1 moves together.