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    Selecting text under inline graphic


      I need to edit text under an inline graphic. I am not able to select / edit the text.

      I've tried to "send to back" (the graphic), but it still says above the text.

      I'm doing this in order to get round corners around a table.

      If you know how to drill down and select the text, I would be much obliged.

      I'm using CS4 ME version.

      Thanks for any and all assistance.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Please post a screen shot. Use the camera icon on the web page to embed the image in your post.

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            M Blackburn Level 3

            There is no layering with an in-line graphic (what InDesign now calls Anchored Object). The object is inserted in the text flow, and since text flows as it is entered, an in-line object will be cover text that is before it in the flow (ie. before the insertion point) and  text after the insertion point will be superimposed on top of it. That doesn't mean that you can directly select that text that appears to be "on top" of the object though. To select that text you will need to position your cursor in text that is not covered by the graphic and use the arrow keys to navigate to the point in the text that you want to edit. (alternately you could just use find/change).


            You should still post a screen shot of what you're doing because there may be more to it than this. For instance, if your in-line graphic is a table that is already in a text frame as opposed to simply inserted into the text, you could be unnecessarily complicating things.

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              Michael Gianino Level 4

              This sounds like a job for the Story Editor. It will show you all of the text in a plain fashion, with the anchored object as an icon. Once your selection is made in the story editor, you can close it and the same text will still be selected on your document page.

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                CardoDesign Level 1

                Yes, there's a wrinkle that I forgot to mention. It's a table. Which means that the cursor navigation method won't work. And also the Story Editor won't work for the same reason. Is it just me or does the text in a table not appear in the Story Editor?

                This is a two cell table. I wanted rounded corners (and I threw in some Emboss Effect just for fun).

                Just getting this far would be ok...until it comes to revision time.

                Thanks for all your helps.



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                  CardoDesign Level 1

                  Um. I think it's working now. Not sure why. At first I had the "Anchored Object" under the table; perhaps that covered it up and "shielded" the text. Then I moved it to over the table. Perhaps this enabled me to select the text in the table. That is to say, Anchored Objects over a table allow text selection, but when placed under the table prevent text selection.

                  Anyways, in all the playing around, it seems to be working.

                  I still wish I could get text in a table in the Story Editor!

                  Sincere Thank You to every one.

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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    It's far from clear to me what sturcture the table and text have, but I suspect that you should be putting the table inside a round-corner text frame, then anchoring the frame inthe running text, which may be wat you are doing. Adding text wrap will ensure that it does not conflict with text that follows.


                    You can edit text in tables in story editior in CS5 or CS5.5.

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                      CardoDesign Level 1

                      That's not what I'm doing, but it sounds very interesting. I'll give it a try.

                      What I tried to show was a table in running text. It has two cells (columns). The left cell has a graphic (the !) and the right cell has the text. I've anchored a box with all kinds of fanoodles and made it go down.

                      My problem, it turns out, is that I tried to select the text by double clicking on the text with the Selection (arrow) too. That, it seems, is not allowed. If I get to the text cursor some other way, and then select the text with the text (I-beam) tool, then it selects and is editable.

                      Our company has decided to wait for CS6, so Table edits in Story Editor will wait.

                      Thanks for the helpful info and your time.