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    authorized too many times - error


      I am trying to Activate Bluefire reader on my iPhone and I am getting "Your Adobe ID has been authorized too many times" error. I called support as mentioned in the website and they have no clue. They were saying that use "Adobe Reader" and will not support phones. I tried search and found lot of cases similar to me, but, How did you get to reset your activations ? I even tried to deauthorize iPod touch and tried to activate it on iPhone and it still didn't work.


      Please help!



      - Kishore

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          kdonthineni1 Level 1

          My Case is : 0206908330.



          - Kishore

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            Frustrated in AZ Level 4

            You sound confused!


            First, there is a difference between Adobe Reader and Adobe Digital

            Editions.  So, we need to make sure which one we're talking about.


            Next, you say you're trying to install Bluefire Reader on your iPhone.

            That's not something that the Digital Editions forum would be discussing.


            Then, you say that you're getting a message concerning your Adobe ID,

            apparently from your iPhone.


            There's a lot of connecting information missing.


            I'd like to try to put a stake in the ground, so we can discuss your

            questions in some context.  First, iPhones are not supported by Digital

            Editions.  You can see a list of supported devices in the Digital Editions

            Help files on your computer.  If you're planning to read ebooks and other

            materials on your iPhone, you'll need to use software that will work on it -

            and Bluefire reader may or may not, depending on the type of iPhone you

            have.  We're not going to be much help there, as this forum deals with

            Digital Editions.


            Have you tried to install either Adobe product on your iPhone - and perhaps

            tried it several times?  That's the only think I can think of that would be

            prompting you about your Adobe ID....



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              kdonthineni1 Level 1

              Thank you for your help. Sorry for confusion.


              I was trying to authorize Bluefire reader app on my iPhone which also uses Adobe DRM to authorize eBooks. I posted it here, because my issue is related to authorization issue and Adobe Digital Editions(like Bluefire reader) uses Adobe DRM to authorize eBooks. BTW, I contacted Adobe Technical support again today and was able to reset my authorization count successfully. My issue is resolved.




              - Kishore