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    Some Titles in Custom DVD Template Not Editable within Premiere Elements (ONLY PARTLY SOLVED)

    qumi Level 1

      Using Premiere Elements 4.0 and Photoshop CS3:


      I've managed to create a custom DVD template and to have the template thumnails of the DVD Main Menu and DVD Scene Selection show up in PE4.  I can create a DVD Menu, applying my custom template, the same way I could using one of the supplied stock DVD templates (for Entertainment/Night Vision) (or almost the same way, except for some of my titles which are not editable within PE4; see below).


      In creating my custom template (which by the way was for football (as in 'american football)), by using the Entertainment > Night Vision DVD Template as a starting point and copying its files over to my custom DVD template folder, then editing the main menu file (myCustomName _pal_s_mm.psd) and scene menu file (myCustomName_pal_sm.psd) as required (for example, changing the background image, fonts, element locations, etc.).  I then added the necessary entries to the Templates.xml file (using the Sports/Baseball template as a guide to which entries to create in the xml file) to make my custom template available to PE (e.g. for PE to pull in the dvd template thumnails under Create Menus). The original Night Vision template which I used to create my Football template only had 1 main title in it which was user-editable from within PE4.  I needed several lines of titles in my custom DVD template which I created by duplicating Night Vision's 'title' layer set and adjusting the font styles and sizes as required.


      The problem I'm running into is that only the first layer of my 'myCustomName_pal_s_mm.psd file (the original 'title' layer) remains editable from inside PE4 (let's call that layer 'Title1' for purposes of this discussion).  The duplicates of the original layer (which represent my custom Title 2, Title 3, etc) are visible within my PE4 custom DVD template but are not editable within PE4.  I have to open up the psd file each time I want to use my 'Football DVD Menu template' for another project and make the changes at the psd file level which PE4 then automatically 'picks up'.  Unfortunately, this creates a lot of extra work just to use the custom template on different projects.


      I can't see anything different in the  psd Layer Sets which pertain to Title 2 and Title 3 (which are uneditable inside PE4) as compared with Title 1 (which is editable inside PE4).


      What changes do I need to make to the Layer Sets I duplicated to keep them editable within PE4 (or does that change need to be made elsewhere)?




      I figured out that changing the duplicated layers' group properties from (^) to (^^) makes those layers editable BUT now some, not all, of the layers I changed from (^) to (^^) no longer show in my custom menu.  Not sure what is going on.  I would also like to be able to keep or delete certain image layers of the psd file from inside PE4, for example let's say I have a graphic of slanted letters showing 'DRAFT' (not as a text layer but as an image) ... I would like to be able to delete that 'image layer' within PE4 the same way one can delete a text later.  Can this be done?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I think you're trying to push it beyond what it's capable of doing, qumi. Sorry.


          But it sounds like the basic functions are working just as they should, FWIW.

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            qumi Level 1

            Thanks for replying Steve.


            I've been battling with this on and off for a couple of days.  Behaviour of my custom DVD template is not stable unfortunately, from project to project.


            For example, I make a copy of the entire psd file (the one used in PE4 for the main menu template (Football_pal_s_mm.psd), rename my original to project it from being read or overwritten, then change some of the titles.  I then apply this custom dvd template in a project and let say Title Line 1 through Title Line 5 are showing ok.


            If I make another copy of this psd file, and change just the text on say Title Line 2 and Title Line 3, when I apply the template in another project, the new text is seen (the psd file layer is imported correctly into PE4) but now for unexplained reasons, Title Lines 4 and 5 no longer show in PE4 even though they are showing in the PSD file.  I can't seem to find out why this behaviour occurs (i'm working blind here, no relevant documentation that I can track down on these functions).


            I'm trying to figure out what determines the visibility of a layer in the PSD file of the template, versus what determines the visibility of the same layer after it has been read/imported into/by PE4.


            Anyone know?

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              It would appear to me that gumi's issues reflect the fall out of a learning process rather than "trying to push it beyond what it's capable of doing". It being Premiere Elements.


              It has been my experience and, I am sure yours as well, that strict attention to details of Adobe DVD Menu Creation requirements (in .psd and in placement of .psd/folder/) determines what is going to show up or not show up in the DVD menu in the Disc Menu section of Premiere Elements. Even the misplacement of a punctuation mark can create the failure. A case in point...if a person is customizing an existing DVD main menu by Photoshop Elements editing the main menu .psd in the program files, and decides to gain extra buttons by copying existing ones, it becomes necessary to open the Layer Set copy and make sure the sub Layer Set is named (^^) and not (^). If you do not check and correct if necessary, you most probably will end up with text in the Disc Menu section that cannot be edited. In that copy process apparently the (^^) of the original is changing to (^).


              I think the task is doable, but the current workflow needs some microscopic examination and refinement.



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                I agree with you, if I am reading the OP's problems correctly.


                As you point out, the full, and exact conventions MUST be followed.


                Because of the semi-automatic authoring functions in PrE, there are a few additional considerations, beyond what would be required in, say an Adobe Encore Menu. Also, as PrE uses Menu Sets, each of the two Menus (Main and Scene Selection) must follow those conventions exactly, or issues will result.


                When creating Menu Sets for PrE, I find it very useful to have one of the included Menu Sets Open in Photoshop, just to check that everything is, as it must be, including the Layer names (all characters, and especially before any space) are critical.


                Good luck to the OP,