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    Applications behaves differently in 'debug as' vs 'run as' vs exported version - what is going on?




      I am porting a java game to flash and it is going well. When I run it on a device (playbook in this case) or the desktop via 'debug as' the game works perfectly. I can load levels and play it, no problem. However, when I do a 'run as' instead, on the Playbook, the ball (it is a pinball game) diseapers at some point (always the same). Even worse: when I export the release version an I try it, the level will not even run (the app becomes unresponsive).


      That is using _exactly_ the same code. 'Debug as' is OK, 'run as' mostly OK, but looses the ball, 'export' crashes. What can be causing that? Different compiler options? I am quite lost with this one, so any help is welcomed.


      I am using flex builder 4.5.1.