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    swaping images in Director 11


      Hi Guys,

      I hope someone can help me. is it possible to swap images using lingo. what I am trying to do is create an movie that contains a number of thumbnails and a larger image. what I want to do is when clicking on the thumbnail, change the larger image.I have tried using copyPixels but it does not seem to do what I want.

      Any help is welcome

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          James Newton, ACP Level 3

          Are you looking for something like this? Enlarge

          Or this? Index

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            gazza01a Level 1

            hello openspark,

            thanks for the feedback. It is nearly what I am looking for, except that instead of the image changing when the mouse is moved over the thumbnail, it would need a mouse click to change, so that it stays with that image untill the next thumbnail is clicked.

            What I am trying to achieve is something like a colour combination chart.Two images next to each other and at the side of the left hand image, 60+ thumbnails, to change that image, and on the side or the right hand image, 60+ thumbnails to change that image.

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              rduane Level 1

              Swapping the castmember shown in a particular sprite channel is pretty strightforward if the larger images are already in your cast.  Say your left hand image is in sprite 1 and you want it to show some image called "image_01" in your cast, you just need to say sprite(1).member = "image_01".  Bada-bing, bada-boom!  Am I oversimplifying what you are asking?

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