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    Timeline Troubles CS4

    juanfordroad Level 1

      I'm sure it's a simple fix but my timeline won't allow me to drag or play the project.  I'm using a Macbook Pro, circa 2009 if that makes any difference.  On a new project I can add things to the time line, move them around but when I try to drag or arrow the TCI won't budge.  The timeline seems to have blocks at 10 second intervals where I can click to the next block.  When I try to play back, say a solid moving from left to right all that happens is a rapid jumping back and forth.  Been to the help pages, been on the Cow pages and am still asking for the solution.


      Any clues?


      Just launched AE and discovered I'm looking at one frame intervals, not 10 seconds.  That explains why I get the jumping from frame 0 to frame 1.  Then I tried using the zoom out slider and nothing happened.  Didn't resize the timeline.  Still trying to figure it out if anyone has some thoughts...


      Sorry for posting.  The fix was paying attention to the duration of the comp, which was set at 3 frames.  Duh!