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    Since Reader X update, "save target as" in IE9 saves as html file, not pdf file


      I save a lot of large PDF files for work. Normally, when a pdf file would show up in my search results, I could right-click the file and choose "save target as" to my hard drive, and it would be saved as a PDF file. Since the last Reader X update, when I choose "save target as," IE9 wants to save it as an html file. The only way I can save it as a PDF file is to actually open the file on my computer and then save it as a PDF file. This works, but it is very time consuming, because I now have to wait for the very large PDF files to load before I can save them.


      Does anyone know a solution to this problem? I would be eternally grateful.


      OS: Windows 7 Professional

      Browser: Internet Explorer 9

      Reader: X, with latest updates installed.


      p.s.: I have tried enabling and disabling the Internet options for the PDF program and the "manage add ons" in  IE9, which doesn't have any effect. I have also tried deleting the temporary Internet files--to no avail.