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    Viewing PDF After Exporting from InDesign


      G'day from Australia.


      My name is Steve, I do a bit of freelance work from time to time but I'm also  employed by a Christian Minstry in Brisbane.


      Recently I have encountered (and not just me but my manager as well) that when creating a pdf from InDesign, Acrobat is launched for me to preview the document but it then says that it can't open the document because it is either a wrong file type or because the file might but corrupted. However if i go to the exported document and open it manually it opens fine without any glitches.


      I've searched the web to see if there are any answers to this issue but could not find any.


      We use Adobe Design Premium CS4 on Windows based machines. All our files though are kept on our own local server. The server however is not run on microsft software but on a Novell Software system. Before we went with Novell we used to use windows server software and there were no issues with exporting and previewing pdfs straight from InDesign. Not sure if its related but I thought i'd mention it just in case.


      Any help would be much appreciated.




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Does it work if you save to the local desktop? That would implicate the network.

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            Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

            What you are describing sounds like some type of file locking or caching problem on the Novell Netware side. I suspect that when InDesign's PDF export completes, it closes the PDF file on the server, immediately calls Acrobat to open that file, but on the server, either the file is still locked from when InDesign had it open for output or perhaps not all the file's blocks have been written out to disk yet. By the time you then try to manually open the PDF file via Acrobat, the timing issues have been resolved on the Netware side.


            Adobe applications use standard Windows file operations to create, open, close, read, and write files. There is no cognizance of whether the file is local or on a network and if on a network, what type of server is hosting the file.


            For what it is worth, Novell Netware is really obsolete server software. The last version, Netware 6.5, was released in 2003 with the last service update for NetWare 6.5 from Novell in 2008. You didn't mention what version of NetWare you are using, but if you have anything other than NetWare 6.5, I could imagine some really serious disconnects between modern Windows client desktops and the server software.


            You indicated that you didn't have any problems with a Windows Server. I am amazed that any organization would migrate from Windows Server to Novell Netware anytimg during the last six to ten years, although I suspect there was some reason that somebody thought was good. However, your organization most should seriously consider moving back to Windows Server. Your PDF viewing problem is probably only the tip of the iceberg of problems you may potentially encounter.


                      - Dov

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              sworby Level 1

              Hey Peter, Thanks for the suggestion. When I exported to the desktop the pdf opened up perfectly. this should mean for sure that the problem is with our server.


              Thanks also Dov for your insights as well. I have passed on your comments to our Network Manager. We changed over from the windows server to Novell I believe for capacity and security reasons. The larger our ministry grew the more our servers began to wain. For the most part the change over has been good, but there have been a few glitches along the way, this one being one of those glitches.