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    cf component panel


      Hello...I was wondering if anyone can help with a wee problem I'm having with Dreamweaver CS5? My CF Component panel has stopped showing my ColdFusion components, RDS login works fine and the Databases, Bindings and Server Behaviours seem to be OK but no CFC components anymore although I know they are most definitely there, I last saw them on Friday.


      Deployed applications work perfectly on local testing and on remote production but I'm loosing a handy bit of functionality within Dreamweaver where I could browse CFC methods and drag them across to invoke.


      I have searched hight and low but I cannot find a solution, the closest is this thread that I found on a Ben Forta book forum. My testing server is a local install of ColdFusion 8.0.1 on Windows XP, RDS and Admin access are single user and I've checked just about everything that is suggested here.


      Most perplexing and any help or advice would be most appreciated.