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    Premiere Pro Can Capture Only One Stereo Pair?

    flyingfish4 Level 1

      I'm thinking of getting PPro CS 5.5, so I'm reading the Help file to learn about it first and I came across this listed under "Importing Digital Audio":


      1) "Although the DV format can record two independent stereo audio pairs, Premiere Pro can capture only one stereo pair.

      It may be possible to select either stereo pair 1, stereo pair 2, or a mix of both, depending on the DV hardware you use."


      Does this mean if I have 2 mic's connected to my camera, PPro can only capture 1 stereo pair or the other or a "mix" of both?  What does that mean?


      Would I be able to edit both stereo pairs as separate tracks on the timeline?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.