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    High CPU usage on Flash Builder 4.5



      I’s experiencing serious high CUP usage when working with Flash Builder 4.5.

      It happens when I start editing a relatively large .as file (~700 lines of code). Utilization then goes up to 50% and stays in this condition forever. This makes editing and debugging impossible – everything works very slowly including my computer.  Once you close the edited file (which is the only file in editor), utilization is back to normal.


      Some more details:

      • I have two projects in my workspace. One is closed. I cannot share the project.
      • Flex SDK 4.5.1 (upgraded lately)
      • Working on Windows XP Professional SP3.  4GB RAM.
      • Workspace-log is attached


      I tried the following

      • Reinstalling Flash Builder – no change
      • Uninstall SVN subclipe version that I installed as described here - http://www.flashmagazine.com/tutorials/detail/setting_up_subversion_with_adobe_flash_build er_4/ - no change
      • Network monitor is disabled (this is a standard version of FB)
      • Quit FB, open it and just load the .as file without debugging or launching any application – same problem.
      • Edit FlashBuilder.ini and eclipse.ini and change the values to -Xms512m -Xmx768m – same problem
      • Reinstalled FB for the second time and just loaded the same files as before – same issue.


      Needless to say it is very problematic as I’m disabled from working for several days already. 


      Need your prompt support.


      Thanks, Charlie