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    Scalling SWF movie

      Can someone tell me how to scale or resize a SWF movie when using loadMovie to place it in a new Movie. I've tryed the _width and _height script but haven't been sucessful; all I've been able to do is scale the whole movie. All I want to do is scale the SWF to fit the specific size of the blank MC I'm loanding it into.
      Your help will be appreachated.
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          Without code, its difficult to see what you have done, but I suspect that you have not addressed the movie clip properly.

          For example, you may have said
          mymc._width = 50;
          intead of
          _root.mymc._width = 50;

          Or have your tried bot of these already?
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            arunbe Level 1
            Hi, this is not fair to resize the swf file when you loading by loadMovie.
            You better try to load them by loadClip.
            It has some levels of loading. YOu have to resize the swf file only when its completely loaded.